Anker Liberty Air Better Than the Pamu Scroll

Anker Liberty Air Better Than the Pamu Scroll

It has become one of the most talked-about gadgets of this early 2019, let’s talk about true wireless headphones. I have already reviewed the Kingsky I9 Plus, I have the Aukeys under test and also the SoundPeats. But today’s review features Anker Liberty Air. And maybe they are much better than the Pamu.

Why this Conclusion ???

The reasons that led me to this conclusion are different and the result of continuous research and updates. Then let’s face it, when some Yutuber shoot statements like “Throw the Airpods”, it always smells like that. Also because in the end they only use the Airpods. But apart from this, we talk about the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. I decided to try them after following a Instagram live by Gesualdo Lo Monaco. And tac, now I’m here to tell you about it.


Perhaps, indeed, without perhaps, the best sales box ever reviewed. Congratulations to Anker for making the box complete from all points of view. Beautiful colors, captivating images and complete information. Nothing is really missing. It could not be otherwise also for the equipment of the box:

  • earphones already inserted in the box
  • set of rubber pads of various sizes (XS, S, M ED L)
  • manuals


From this point of view, little imagination. They are like AirPods, with the difference of being in-ear. The 6mm capsules in Grafene are placed in the upper part, covered by the plastic casing. A small RGB LED and the microphone for external noise cancellation are visible. The whole thing ends with the hooking area of ​​the soft silicone pads. The earpiece has a rod body that ends at the bottom with two magnetic plates for attaching to the charging box. In this white color, in my opinion, the too plastic aspect of the two earphones is highlighted. Even the excessive gloss in this coloring returns this feeling not very premium. I recommend the black color.

The Box

This is an aspect that I hear little about in video reviews but which is of great importance in the management of all wireless headsets. The Anker Liberty Air box is exactly the same as the AirPods box. It is very small, super-portable, light and I must say that it holds the earphones firmly inside. Even if the door is opened, there are no leaks, fine! At the base the connector for charging was inserted, very fast, about 1h. The battery of the box is visible from the LED balls even if the management is not very clear:

  • three illuminated dots 70% battery
  • two illuminated dots 50% battery
  • a lighted ball autonomy 25%

In general there are no problems, you will immediately get used to it. But at the cost to which these earphones are sold, WELL but NOT WELLNESS. You could do better! The top-up in the box starts automatically after inserting the earphones.

Use the Anker Liberty Air

Every time the two earphones are removed from the box, they are ready for connection (plug and play). Select them from the devices available from the smartphone and you’re done. Obviously this only applies to the first connection. To switch off, simply press the touch buttons for a long time until the LEDs are red.

Audio quality and comfort

Audio quality is the strong point of this product. Le Anker Liberty Air thanks to the Grafene drivers. Power with full and immersive bass. In my opinion the best TWS to train. They play with all the models currently present. In call, perhaps, because of the too high position of the microphones, every now and then my interlocutor has heard slightly the environmental noises. Let me be clear, I felt good and the interlocutor felt good too. But on the street some rustling could be heard. Nothing transcendental, but it must be said. Speech comfort: they are in-ear and some will not go well. The pads are very soft and given the feather weight of the capsules they are not bothersome. Even after hours of use, I didn’t feel any discomfort. The rubber pad that fits your pavilion should be chosen well. Therefore, comfort is a very subjective variable.

Final Considerations

Now back to the Pamu Scroll speech. These Anker Liberty Air can be purchased on Amazon with Prime and super warranty at 79.99Euro. The prices are comparable, however, the Pamu has too large box, the sound quality, lower, the guarantee unclear, in my opinion make the balance tip lean in favor of the Ankers. The Pamu Scrolls were a clever marketing maneuver. At $39 they had and make sense, at $149 NO. In the Android world these Anker earphones are among the best at the moment, still a step below the Airpods. Overall rating 8 and if Anker lowered the price to $65 they would be likely Killer Airpods.

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