PaMu Scroll Headphones Better Than Expected

PaMu Scroll Headphones Better Than Expected

Being in the price ofrange, to find a best budget wireless earphones is actually quite difficult. And in this article, let’s take a closer look and evaluate a new wireless headset that costs only $ 39 for the first launch. It is a Pamu Scroll wireless headphones.

About design

Talking about the first headset charger section, we will be extremely impressed with its design. The charging box has an eye-catching cylindrical shape. The appearance is quite similar to a mini speaker. What makes us excited about this headset on the first day of looking at it, unlike the case of other wireless headphones made only of plastic, this Pamu Scroll adds a layer of skin with honeycomb pattern. The charging box supports regular USB charging port. In addition, the company also thoughtfully included a wireless charging dock attached to the charging port.

PaMu Scroll Headphones Better Than Expected

Pamu Scroll headset has a fairly simple design, the same color as the case. This is a type of inner earpiece so we can choose the size depending on our ears. The Pamu Scroll headset also gives us four color choices: the Rock’Roll, Graphene, Glory Edition and Sakura.

Because the Pamu headset has an additional layer of silicone ear plugs, it will be very sturdy when worn. Noise resistance is good because when you wear both ears, listening to music is impossible to hear outside, it will meet the need for you to use headphones to run or exercise. The company also announced Pamu Scroll with IPX6 water-proof capability so we can still use it freely in the rain without worrying.

About battery capacity

The Pamu Scroll headset is announced by the manufacturer for a continuous 3.5-hour usage period plus a charging box that allows for a full charge of up to 2 more times for up to 10 more hours of use. Extremely comfortable for a whole day of work. In addition, we can see the battery capacity on the headset that is on the Smartphone’s status bar. When charging the Pamu case, there will be a notification light, similarly, the 2 headsets when charged also have a notification light. Red light means full charge.

Connectivity capabilities

Pamu Scroll’s connectivity is easy for both Android and IOS. We just need to turn on the bluetooth and connect to the headset is done without having to download the app. In particular, this headset is also equipped with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for faster connectivity, farther coverage and much more battery saving. This is a plus point for a cheap wireless headset product. In fact, the headphones for hearing ability at a distance of 10m still ensure good operation.

Just like the first-generation Pamu headphones, the Pamu Scroll headset lets us work with both ears. Touch once allows to receive calls or pause songs. Two-touch operation allows song transfer. Both ears to equip the conversation mic, so you don’t have to be dependent on the ear at all. In this version, the Pamu Scroll headset also allows activation.

About sound

Regarding the Pamu Scroll sound quality, I rate it very well in the price range. The bass part was sharp and clear, but I felt like encroaching on the Treb sound a bit. Say they sound very warm music that is extremely worthy of the price.

When using the Pamu Scroll headset to play games, the sound is extremely clear, especially with FPS games for good sound detail, easily locating gunshots or footsteps.

About the price

Pamu Scroll headset is announced by the manufacturer in the first installment of $ 39, equivalent to more than VND 800,000 and an additional $ 8 from overseas. An extremely attractive price, cheaper than the Apple AirPots headset up to 5 times. It can be said that the Pamu headset offers much better quality than the cost. Although it doesn’t match the sound quality with wired headphones, it defeats all other wireless headsets even in the price range of more than 1 million. You can refer to the product here.


Pamu Scroll headset is a cheap wireless headset, good sound quality, long battery life, strong connection, extremely beautiful design. Therefore, it is very suitable for young and moderately affordable people.

Above is a review of Pamu Scroll’s new wireless headset. Please leave a comment for the comments below. Don’t forget DDTM is also providing many of the best genuine smartphone products to consumers. Invite you to visit and experience the products at DDTM showrooms nationwide.

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