Top 5 Truely Wireless Earphones

Top 5 Truely Wireless Earphones

The headphones have been with music lovers for decades, but recently they have undergone great changes and now include new technologies such as bluetooth and even protection against water. I have select top 5 of them below.

1. PaMu

Top 5 Truely Wireless Earphones

PaMu Slide uses the best TWS chip (Truly Wireless Speakers) you can find in the market. They provide incredible sound quality, extremely long battery life and a strong wireless connection. The earphones are also water resistant and can be charged from a distance.

2. EOZ Air

In addition to a different and attractive design, EOZ Air offers a first-class sound experience characterized by powerful bass and crisp, sharp media, while custom-made 8mm electrodynamic drivers deliver high-resolution sound. well adjusted to get a natural sound signature.

3. Muve

The Muve wireless earphones are 100 percent submersible and can still work perfectly after being submerged in water. In addition, they have a superior sound with graphene controller, intuitive touch control, 5 hours of music playback per load.

4. Decibullz

These are the first truly cordless and custom-made earphones that easily adapt to your ears. Decibullz will not only stay in your ears no matter what happens, but will also feature award-winning sound engineering, Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX7 waterproofing.


It is a refined design and advanced wireless stereo headphones. MEZONE can support an ultra-long playback time of 8 hours and 80 hours in total added by the charging case. They have the most advanced Qualcomm chip with TWS + technology and Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR.

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