PaMu Slide | True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

PaMu Slide: Wireless Headphones Has Low Price But Lasts up to 60 Hours Battery

The pamu slide have raised over 4 million dollars between this one and their original earbuds which we’ll call the pamu scroll. Now they’ve accumulated over a hundred thousand backers including some NBA players, some professional soccer players, because of theese earbuds never fall out of your ears. Part of the pamu claim is they never fall out of, I can tell you up front from using these for about two months, they stay in your ear all the time, it’s incredible. Let’s run through some of the features and then I’ll get into the pros and cons of my personal opinion. And I can already confirm what they say that the earbuds never fall out from your ears, perfect sound quality, long battery life, signal stability. They also have a touch control features, offers auto pairing, 60 hours of playback time, type-c fast charge and IPX6 sweat-proof which is also important if you’re training or if you’re doing stuff outside. When you take them out and you dock them into the case, they will automatically charge. The charging case have 5 times charging before you need to recharge it, so what you do is you charge the case itself after you use it to completely charge your earbuds 5 whole times, that’s cool.

PaMu Slide: Wireless Headphones Has Low Price But Lasts up to 60 Hours Battery

It has LCD screen right here on the top of the case, which lets you see how much the battery left of the charging case. The other good thing about this is this doubles as a phone wireless charger, you just need to press the button on the back of the case, and tap it twice and the LCD lights come on, then put your phone on it, and your phone will start charging. It has a two thousand milliamp battery, so I actually haven’t really used it to charge my phone because I really just don’t need to. But it is good to know that in situations where you’re in a jam, your earbud case can charge your phone, so that’s very very cool.

The sound quality on these earphones are actually very very good. I like the sound quality very well, the bass is good which is incredible and as far as phone call quality. It’s the best call quality I’ve ever had on any earbuds or headphones and I’m always on the phone daily business calls, personal calls, a lot of type of stuff, so I need my earbuds and I need something that works clear, they can hear me and I can hear them. The people on the other end haven’t any complaining, so this is another good sign of these young pamu earbuds. They’re all-around great so far that I’ve been using them, it’s gonna say I have no issues with using them. They’re excellent, you won’t have any issues with taking phone calls, in the gym, these earbuds do not fall out of my ear, they staying all the time, the sound quality is really good, the bass is good, so when I’m in the gym I can get into my zone, I’m rocking out, anything it’s blocking out. I just wish I can raise the volume more, but I think they limit that because the more volume you raise the more the sound distorts, the bass distorts, so you have to understand the process and they want to keep everything on a good level.

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