PaMu Slide Mini: TWS Headphones with Dual-mic Noisereduction, Good Partner on Trip

Are PaMu Fashionable?

When traveling, we will be very accustomed to bring power bank and headphones. Nowadays, the headphone market is intricate and complicated, making us dazzled in the process of choosing the right headphones for us. No matter what we buy, we will look at the outer packaging first, beacuse, sometimes the outer packaging largely reflects the quality of this product. The outer packaging of Padmate PaMu Slide Mini is generous and simple. The front of the box is a hand-drawn version of this headset, and the brand name of this headset is directly above the pattern. On the back of the box are some parameters of this headset, related to Bluetooth performance, waterproof level, touch performance and other functions or functions.

PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headset with Qualcomm Chip QCC3020

In the box, there is a charging box, a pair of PaMu Slide Mini, a type-c charging cable and 6 pairs of eartips, a instruction manual. This headset is equipped with a total of 6 eartips for different needs of users. The translucent is a regular model, the gray one is a model with plus, and the plus model are deeper than those regular. The manual is thick, which involves 10 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Are PaMu Fashionable?

The design of the PaMu Slide Mini is a bit like the style of Apple Airpods, but at the ear, there is a silicone protective sleeve on the head of the headset. Make more fitness in the ear canal when we wear it. The left and right characteristic of the headset are marked on the interior of the headset, and the brand logo is printed on the handle of the headset. At this time, I found that the eartips of the earphones are in the shape of water droplets, unlike the common round shapes on the market. This design fits the ear canal more, prevents sound leakage to a certain extent, and achieves a strong noise reduction function to a large extent.

This headset equipped Dual-mic Noisereduction. One headset is talking and the other can actively initiate physical noise reduction, which can be said it is very smart. When I put on this headset, the first thing I felt was noise reduction. In a noisy environment, I can just feel the world is isolated from me by just putting on the headphones and not opening the song. When listening to the song, you can feel the crispness at the high end and the roundabout at the low end. Even when listening to a piece of pure music, you can clearly hear what instrument each tone is played on. In terms of sound quality, PaMu Slide Mini bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earphone is impeccable!

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