5 Foolproof Tips to Make Your Feet Beautiful!

Unlike our hands that can always show out, many of us always neglected our feet under boots and boots… So what to do if you have bad feet? Let’s find out together with my 5 foolproof tips to make them beautiful!

1) Take a foot bath:

Soaking this area is not only useful for unpleasant odors, but also for soothing swelling, softening the skin and for enjoying a moment of relaxation. Perhaps you can putting mint or lavender essential oil in the water. The ideal foot bath should be done at a temperature of about 37 degrees for 15-20 minutes

2) Eliminate dead skin

To eliminate corns and calluses you can use the classic file or a pumice stone by rubbing gently. An excellent alternative is the very popular Glass Pumice Stone, which can be used in anywhere at anytime.

3) A natural scrub for very soft feet

In case of particularly neglected and ugly feet, it is advisable to do a scrub once or twice a week: it serves to exfoliate the skin and make it very soft.

4) Moisturize your feet:

It is essential after having washed and “pampered” them well. For this area, products based on shea butter or almond oil are perfect. Or you can try the foot spa kit, and you will see excellent results in just a few steps!

5) File your nails and proceed with the nail art!

Find your favorite decorations and proceed with nail art. Don’t know how to apply nail polish well on your feet? No problem, read this guide and in no time you will become great!

Taking care of ugly and neglected feet is very important for us women! It is also the right opportunity to indulge in a little moment of relaxation to dedicate to yourself and to carve out a special moment for yourself.

We’ve come to the end of this post and I’ll meet you at the next episode!

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