What you need to know about aesthetic manicure

Aesthetic manicure has the power to make us feel immediately tidy and more beautiful, seeing is believing. But there are details to know, to obtain and find the perfect aesthetic manicure treatment for us. The professional who is carrying out the treatment, will certainly be able to explain to us what are the operations to be carried out and which products are the best for nails and hands at the top.

So let’s start the journey through the curiosities about manicure!

What you need for aesthetic manicure

The most important element for any manicure is certainly a clean and hygienic environment. But the most important tools for an aesthetic manicure session are the manicure sets.

First of all, they disinfect the client’s hands with a mild and disinfectant product. It is agreed with the client which nail shape to follow, and it starts with a delicate filing. Then put your hands in a bowl with water and lemon for about 15 minutes. After this beauty bath, they gently dry their hands with a disposable towel. You continue to file your nails gently, with a mattifying buffer, and then apply a gentle exfoliating mask for the skin of the hands.

The aesthetic manicure ends with glazing: in this case, you can also opt for the application of semi-permanent nail polish, with lamp catalytic converter.

The curative manicure

Different from the aesthetic manicure, the curative manicure is placed halfway between an aesthetic treatment and a skin and nail care intervention. Obviously, the specialist who intervenes with a curative manicure, treats particularly stressed and dehydrated skin through masks and specific products such as parafin and glycerin, or takes care of removing calluses and excess cuticlefs or cuticles. Anything that requires treatment that is not only aesthetic, but not so serious as to fall into the medical field, can be included in the curative manicure treatment, even in a beauty center.

The Russian technique for aesthetic manicure

The Russian manicure, also called “dry”. Contact with water is totally eliminated: the hands are therefore not hydrated with or softened, as is done in the classic aesthetic manicure, to work better skin and cuticles. According to the Russian nail technicians, creators of this method of nail art, would help the perfect adhesion of products such as enamels and gels, on the surface of the nail bed.

There are some precautions to be taken to make this Russian manicure nail art perfectly. Furthermore, among the various cutter bits, those with diamond tips are preferred, much harder and more resistant, but much more delicate on the nails. We proceed with the glazing or catalyzing of the semi-permanent, and only at the end of the treatment can a nourishing oil be applied to the cuticles. If you pay attention, during the entire session of aesthetic manicure with Russian technique, the results will be truly exhilarating: great color rendering and durability, shine and resistance for many days, and healthy and strong nails.

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