Application of semi-permanent varnish; How to do ?

The application of semi-permanent varnish has become a real phenomenon in the world of manicure for several years. You will find in this article all the tips to have a quality varnish.

The advantage of applying semi-permanent varnish is the long wear of the varnish. Indeed, it lasts between two to three weeks without losing its shine. Then, the nail has grown back and the space between the varnish and the regrowth does not give a good result. This installation can be done yourself if you have a UV or LED lamp which allows you to harden the layers of varnish and make it last longer.

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Here are some tips for applying semi-permanent varnishes to do it yourself.

Prepare your nails

So that the adhesion of the varnish is done perfectly, have your hands and prepare the nails. You must first push the cuticles towards the base of your nail and remove all the small skins. Then,  file your nails with a nail file. Finally, clean your nails to remove the filing dust.

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Applying the TOP coat

Now your nails are ready, you must apply a thin coat base coat and finish a thin coat of top coat, which has the appearance of a gel. This is used to fix the next layer, which is your colored varnish. Apply your top coat like a simple nail polish and border the front. That is to say, it is necessary to pass a thin layer of varnish under the nail.

It is now necessary to put your hands under your LED lamp 30 seconds or 2 minutes under UV lamp. The drying time also depends on the power of your lamp.

Apply colored varnish

Once this time has passed, remove your hand from the lamp. There is a thin layer of varnish that does not seem to have dried. This is normal, because it is the goo that is used to adhere the next layer. Now is the time to apply your permanent varnish like a simple nail polish. You also have to trim the front. After this step, put your hands under the lamp for 30 seconds to two minutes.

Last step, you have to degrease your nails with cleaner to remove the sticky and give shine to your nails. The more you pass the cleaner, the shinier the varnish will be.

Therefore, having a professional manicure set  is very necessary. If you still want other products, recommend you just click here! Hoping this article will helped you!

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