Brown and chocolate nail polishes: fashion on nails

As part of people’s body, both hands and nails are indispensable. If they can not be treated well, they will be hurt and become weak. In order to have beautiful and shining nails, we should use the professional nail supplies to care for them.

Among the nail colors for autumn 2021, a prominent place goes to the warm shades of brown, beige and chocolate. This is not an unusual choice, far from it: by choosing the right shade, your manicure will be elegant, refined and will best enhance the beauty of your hands. Brown, beige and chocolate are among the hottest shades for this year. Here’s how to wear them and which nuance to choose! 

Chocolate Color: Chocolate color is a warm brown shade that looks great on all lengths and complexions with warm undertones. It is a very current color, which is very fashionable both for make-up, manicure and hair.

Glamorous luxurious brown crocodile manicure with gold plated women’s nails closeup.

Brown / Brown: perfect on any complexion. Being a very intense color, lit by a touch of red, it would be preferable on medium lengths or on short edges, which are growing back. For long nails it can be used one color, breaking it up with a second shade such as pink or beige.

Dark Brown: very dark brown, almost black, perfect on complexions with cold undertones and on those who prefer a slightly more rock-glam style.

Beige brown: the lighter shades of brown, tending to beige as they are soiled by a hint of gray, are perfect for those with a cold complexion and long nails. You can choose between different variations, from the lightest to the darkest, depending on your preferences.

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