Nails: how to make a baby boomer?

You don’t like the French manicure for its “too much” side, or you want to change your manicure with a variant? Derived from the French manicure, but more discreet and more elegant, the so-called “baby boomer” manicure is the latest trend to enhance your hands and have beautiful nails. In this blog, we will tell you how to do it.

The baby boomer is a variant of the French Manicure, which is more discreet than the French manicure. Like the French manicure, the baby boomer is characterized by a nude or very light pink base. Instead of the clean white line that characterizes the classic French manicure, the baby boomer sports a degraded line, blended with the base, white or colored. It is generally made with permanent varnish.

The baby boomer manicure is the perfect manicure for those who want a discreet manicure, without too many contrasts. It is a manicure that can be worn every day as well as on special occasions, because it is discreet, chic and elegant at the same time! Its neat appearance makes it the favorite manicure of many fans of discreet manicures. Follow our advice and our tutorial for a successful baby boomer manicure!

Here is our tutorial to make a baby boomer with semi-permanent varnish:

  1. Start by the manicure kit to pushing the cuticles and preparing your nails by filing them in the desired shape;
  2. Apply base coat to protect your nails;
  3. Apply the first coat of nude or light pink varnish on the entire nail except on the free edge;
  4. Let it dry then apply a second coat;
  5. Apply the white varnish to the free edge of the nail;
  6. With the nail art sponge, dab quickly and gradually so that the color blends with the nude varnish;
  7. Catalyze with your LED or UV lamp;
  8. You can if you wish add a second layer of white;
  9. Apply a layer of top coat to protect your manicure.

The baby boomer is a very stylish manicure – only if our nails are healthy and not damaged. Take care of your nails between two manicures to ensure a perfect manicure. Do not hesitate to go to the beautician or the nail stylist. That is to say: do not bite your nails, use the nail file and the polishing block instead of the nail clippers, moisturize and nourish your cuticles, and wait at least two days between two manicures to avoid weakening your nails.

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