Pretty nails thanks to an organic manicure

Nails are made of keratin, like hair. And to have pretty nails, you have to take care of them: appropriate care and regular maintenance are essential to have beautiful fingers. Thus, you should use the professional manicure set that are gentle, natural, free from chemical ingredients.

Nails are like skin and hair: you have to nourish them and prevent them from dehydration. For this, one of the basic actions is the treatment cream. Most hand creams are beneficial for the nails: when you apply them, don’t forget to massage your nails too, emphasizing the contours.

We can also apply specific care to prevent crevices and drying out of this fragile area. Caring for the cuticles is particularly important because this thin membrane protects the nail matrix. A damaged cuticle can impact the growth of the nail, causing white spots, streaks or deformities of the nail. Finally, for a complete manicure, before or after the nail file, use a soft polisher to erase the streaks of the nail and make it smooth and shiny.

If you use varnish, regularly or occasionally, ban the solvents containing acetone, which dehydrate the nails, and prefer 100% natural solvents.

So, arm yourself with organic products! If you don’t have the manicure supplies, just take a look at our Maryton!

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