Small Crescent On The Nails

We all make sure that our nails are always perfectly cared for with the manicure kit. We trim them every once in a while, keep them clean, and apply a nice nail polish to make them look attractive. For most of us, nail care is limited to these few elements. We hardly pay attention to anything else. What you may not know is that your fingernails can be a great indicator of your health.

If you look closely at your nails, you will find a small whitish crescent shape at the base of each nail. These crescent shapes are called lunulae in medical terms. This phenomenon is common to all individuals, those who cannot see a lunula on their nails means that they have a vitamin deficiency or have a medical condition.

In some people, even though the lunules are visible, they appear in a different color, like they are yellowish or black. The appearance of your lunules says a lot about your health. A healthy lunula is whitish in color and occupies a small part of the bottom of the nail. They are usually visible on the nail.

There are different reasons why the lunula changes color or disappears:

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, especially vitamin B12, can modify the nails. Your nails may even turn brownish gray.

Anemia: People with anemia may also notice the difference in their fingernails. When we suffer from anemia, our body fails to produce enough red blood cells. This leads to a lack of oxygen and paleness, causing the lunula to disappear.

Kidney problems: Even people with kidney problems don’t have half moons on their nails. Also, they notice a brown band on the fingertip.

Lung and heart disease: In some cases of lung and heart disease, our nails also change in texture and color. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure and collagen vascular disease are common illnesses.

Other Reasons: Diabetes, silver poisoning, and yellow nail syndrome are other health conditions in which the lunula changes color and appears different from normal.

Our lunulae reveal relevant information about our health, but not being able to see them on your nails doesn’t always mean something is wrong. Sometimes the lunules are not visible because they are most likely hidden under the skin.

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