A manicure during pregnancy?

As a vital ritual, manicure is a practice by which women enhance their overall physical appearance. But in the case of the pregnant woman, manicure is a somewhat delicate matter. Women wonder: should we stop our sessions, the time of a pregnancy? The answer in this article.

The consequences of a manicure during pregnancy

The question is relevant, since it is about the health of a child who is going to be born. But when you realize how important it is for a woman to have very beautiful nails, you are careful not to be extremist.

In reality, chemicals such as solvents, varnishes, contain film-forming agents, solvents, plasticizers and other substances known to be toxic to your respiratory system and that will therefore enter your blood.

Dear women, since during pregnancy, you are two in this small body, it will take a small sacrifice so that this little life that grows in you is not affected by toxic substances that you inhale.

Here are three tips to apply

Try to reduce the frequency of your manicure sessions as much as possible. Go to once a fortnight or if possible three times in two months. Always make sure that the place where you get the manicure is very well ventilated. If not, increase ventilation or put on a mask if necessary. You can also ask your beautician to take only odorless and non-toxic products to protect your baby.

If you apply these tips, your beautiful varnished nails will make your pregnancy very sexy.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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