Do everything to have beautiful hands

If the hands are not what is first seen in a person, their condition is usually indicative about part of the person’s character, but also about his age. That is why maintaining them well is essential for all women who like to take care of themselves.

Protecting your hands

We do not think it enough, but our hands are often on the front line in the face of small aggressions of everyday life. These are our main tools for most of our daily tasks. We do not pay enough attention to protect them well. This is even more true during the winter season when the cold is an important factor in damaged hands.

However, protecting our hands requires small, simple gestures that you just have to think about. You should know that our hands are regularly in contact with detergent products such as dishwashing liquid. They will therefore tend to quickly become dehydrated if we do not pay attention to them.

We therefore advise you to massage your hands with a moisturizer as soon as they have been in contact with a detergent product or are dehydrated. It is necessary to penetrate the cream well. In addition, make sure that it is enriched with shea for even more efficiency. In addition to this moisturizer, you can also add olive oil to the sweet almond to make your hands even softer.

Nevertheless, although moisturizers are effective, it is important to protect your hands before using a detergent product or putting them in contact with a hot product and especially water. For this, the best solution is to wear gloves for certain daily tasks such as dishes or cleaning. You will further protect your hands against everyday wear. Similarly, as soon as you are in a strongly sunny place, consider putting sunscreen on your hands. The rays act on the aging of our skin.

Protect your nails

It is not only the epidermis of our hands that can be damaged. Indeed, our nails are also fragile if we do not take care of them. For this, one of the oldest recipes remains olive oil that is massaged on the nails. It strengthens the cuticles, that is to say the thin layer of skin present at the base of the nails. For a more complete maintenance of your nails, it is best to start by rubbing them with a small brush to make the cuticles more flexible.

Then, it is necessary to repel the latter using a boxwood stick. This will make it possible to smooth the nails well thanks to a polisher and make them shiny. The next step is to file them. However, care must be taken to round the inner part of the edges to prevent them from damaging your fingers. Finally, all that remains is to add a layer of transparent varnish.

By following these tips, you will get harmonious, beautiful and healthy hands whether in terms of the softness of their skin, their appearance and their nails.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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