Keep your feet beautiful

The sunny days are coming back and soon summer is fast approaching. Barefoot or in sandals, your feet are revealed little by little. They therefore deserve more attention because they support you all day long. How to keep your feet beautiful?

Foot bath

The first thing is to perform a foot bath to soften dead skin, relax small skin and calluses. A small basin is filled with hot water up to the height of the ankles. In addition, the Pedicure Spa Liners are  also excellent.

Eliminate dead skin

We start by gently erasing each foot using an eraser, then we continue the operation by grating the calluses using a pumice stone. During the operation, one of the feet must always be soaked and vice versa.

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber

Hydrate and massage

After dipping and grating, consider moisturizing your feet by applying a moisturizer to repair and deeply nourish your skin. Take advantage of this step to massage your feet and free them from daily tension by facilitating blood circulation.


Push back cuticles, then gently file onto nails to correct minor imperfections. Then do careful polishing to restore them to their full shine. Finally, apply a protective base to better fix the base of the varnish. Apply the varnish of your choice, ending with a top coat to fix everything.

You prefer to be pampered, so take advantage of these treatments to enhance your feet. For more information on our pedicure sets, visit our Maryton website!

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