Manicure trends for the summer The sunny days should be more and more numerous

The sunny days should be more and more numerous with the summer approaching and in the middle of the spring season. It will be necessary to adapt his manicure to this sunny period. To do this, simply follow the trends planned for this summer in terms of colors and styles.

The colors of summer

You want to have perfect hands this summer, that people realize that you pay attention to your look even in every detail. To be trendy, the best is to opt for one or more of the colors that will be at the top this summer. Pop is back and 3 colors stand out from the crowd: fuchsia, coral and carmine red. With one of these three colors, you are sure not to go wrong. More generally, warm and showy colors are recommended. For those looking to stand out even more, you can turn to green which is also one of the spring/summer 2015 trends.

The nail art very fashionable

In addition to the colors, for an ultra trendy manicure, you can turn to nail art. This technique remains at the top. This should allow you to give free rein to your imagination while mixing for example several of the colors mentioned above. To find inspiration know that the accent nail patterns, confetti, French manicure, hearts, gradients, and half moon will be part of the summer trends.

Do not hesitate to look at photos of the last shows and in particular the Wes Gordon show or that of Rebecca Minkoff which both offer a style very different from each other, but ultra trendy.

In any case, train before or ask for help from a beautician. The possibilities are immense and there is no shortage of inspirations on the internet. So you can already prepare your styles of manicures that you will wear in summer or on sunny days for the less impatient.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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