Nail Art, or the art of decorating your nails

Nail Art is a technique that consists of making up your nails via various patterns. It can be carried out in addition or not to a varnish application. Since then, for several years, Neil Art has spread widely around the world.

Yet, this is a relatively old technique.

A little historical reminder of Neil Art

One might think that Neil Art is not even 20 years old, yet this technique has its origin in the 13th century. More precisely, it is in the Inca civilization that we find the first traces of this decoration for nails. At that time, the representations drawn on the nails were related to the gods they believed in, but could also be animals. In addition, it was not only women who made up their nails in this way, but men were also followers.

If Neil Art has fallen somewhat into oblivion, it is in Asia that it resurfaces during the 20th century. It is mainly Japan and Korea that have revived this style of manicure, but this time especially among women. Then, with the internet, the technique inspired other women around the world, and now Neil Art is done everywhere. This technique continues to grow and is a real fashion phenomenon.

There are all possible forms of decoration for Neil Art, and the creation it makes possible inspires many people. Everyone can let their imagination run wild or use ready-made creations.

Let yourself be inspired

The creative possibilities are endless with Nail Art. Nevertheless, there are relatively common techniques and processes: glitter, rhinestones, stickers, metallic sheets, gradients, drawings made with stencils or brush… These can be simple colors or patterns of all kinds (flowers, stars, abstracts, etc.). There is no limit.

In addition, new techniques are constantly being invented. For example, it is now possible to apply what is called a holographic varnish, that is to say containing certain particles that gives a “rainbow” effect when exposed to light. Some varnishes change color depending on temperature (thermochromic), depending on UV (Photochromic), magnetic, etc.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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