The essential accessories for beautiful nails

Maintaining and making up your nails requires a whole kit of accessories.

Here is our list of the perfect kit for your nails:

  • Above all, do not cut your nails with scissors or a nail clipper, but prefer the use of a file. Nevertheless, it is necessary to favor the flexible cardboard or glass file rather than the metal one.
  • To remove certain impurities and make the nail shine, the polisher is perfect.
  • The famous boxwood stick has a very precise use in the maintenance of your nails. It is thanks to him that you will be able to gently push the cuticles of your nails without damaging them.
  • The corrective pen will make it possible to erase the errors made during the installation of the varnish, but also to refine the contours. It is possible to use a cotton swab soaked in solvent that is less accurate.
  • A hardening base will better protect your nails before applying the varnish.
  • Varnishes: always have several colors in reserve.
  • A fixative that will increase the life of the varnish, but also give a brighter rendering.

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