Tips for applying nail polish

Hand and nail care is the secret to a successful manicure. Working on clean and well-maintained nails will facilitate the application of the varnish. You will also need a number of tools: the remover and cotton discs, the nail file and the cuticle repellent, and finally the varnishes, two of which are for the care and finishing of your manicure.

Care prior to colored varnish

There is nothing more unsightly than a peeling varnish, or the edge of serrated nails. Arm yourself with your file and solvent. Proceed first to the removal of your old varnish. Do not rub the nail with the cotton. Let the disc soaked in solvent rest on the nail for a few seconds. This will prevent you from spreading the pigments on your skin. As soon as you do, wash your hands, and make a light scrub with a little sugar. Then, apply cream. Take your file, and work the edges of your nails in the same direction so as not to chip them. Don’t forget to push the cuticles away to finish.

The art of applying nail lacquer

The nails are porous. They sometimes absorb pigments, hence the difficulty of finding light nails after a bright color such as red, black or brown. To remedy this, apply a transparent base. Then lay the colored varnish, once this first layer is dry. Hold your color by passing a last brush stroke of topcoat. You can keep this color for at least 5 days.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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