Why are nails brittle?

More than one woman has difficulty growing her nails. If for some, having long, sharp and shiny nails seems like a gift; for others, it is necessary to count with brittle nails, crumbly and which are easily duplicated. How to explain this condition of the nails that does not allow to keep an impeccable manicure for a long time?

What causes the fragility of the nail? There can be several reasons for the fragility of the nails. The causes can be both physiological and external.

Physiological reasons

Dietary deficiencies are the first factors causing the fragility of the nail. The insufficiency of vitamin A and B intake and calcium, in particular, favors a poor condition of the nails. A deficiency of zinc, protein and sulfur is also to be taken into account. Indeed, a good diet is the best guarantee of good health, and this is also valid for nails. Certain diseases such as rheumatism, anemia or mycoses also affect their health.

External reasons

Other causes external to the body can play a role in the condition of the nails. For women in general, regular housework involving the use of corrosive products such as detergents and other disinfectants is bad for nails. The same applies to regular and prolonged hand-in-water stations, exposure to extreme temperatures and the use of instruments requiring extensive handling. It can also happen that brittle nails are due to heredity or too frequent manicure.

In the majority of cases, a balanced healthy diet, as well as the use of appropriate protection during housework are enough to keep beautiful nails. However, it may be necessary to use special care to speed up the repair of the nail. Between grandmother’s methods and the care that can be found in an institute, taking care of her nails has never been easier. However, a course of vitamins or nutrients missing from the body remains essential to keep nails healthy.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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