Here is the brilliant trick to make your nail polish last longer

A long-lasting, snag-free varnish, do you dream of it? Discover this simple trick with a household product that you necessarily have in your cupboards. And it works like thunder. Follow us!

Did you already know the unstoppable technique to dry your varnish in a few seconds after application? It consisted of plunging his manicured fingers into a small bowl of olive oil to fix the material on the nail. Now, to make your nail polish last much longer, discover these incredibly simple tips to make at home with… white vinegar!

A manicure that lasts thanks to white vinegar

Did you know that white vinegar, which you necessarily have in your cupboards at home, can be used for a thousand things? Burnt pans, carpets to clean, or clogged washing machine drums, it is an excellent ally for cleaning all surfaces. Even in the kitchen, it is extremely useful. On the beauty side, in addition to its purifying properties, white vinegar can boost the duration of your manicure.

Indeed, to prolong the holding of the varnish on your nails, it is enough to apply white vinegar on a cotton pad directly on your nails before the application, as a base, before applying your varnish and your top coat. Thanks to the stripping properties of white vinegar, which will eliminate fatty substances, the material will adhere better to the nail and will last much longer than usual.

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