The brilliant trick to repair a broken nail in record time

Have you ever heard of repairing your nails with tea bags? Or have you ever tried this technology? This is an unusual and ultra-malignant technique to repair a broken nail in 6 minutes flat. No need to cut or file it, just camouflage the breakage with a simple tea bag. In this article, take out your manicure kit and we will let you discover it!

Prepare in 1 minute

Cut a small rectangle of paper the size of the nail to be repaired from a tea bag. If you wear nail polish, thoroughly remove make-up from the affected finger.

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Strengthen in 2 minutes

Apply a protective base then drop, without waiting for it to dry, the tea bag rectangle on top. Gently press the fabric so that it adheres perfectly. Apply a layer of top coat to seal the set.

Adjust in 2 minutes

Cut the excess paper with scissors then use a nail file to file the edge of the nail. Gently smooth the surface with a polisher and apply a new base coat.

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Make up in 1 minute

Apply a colored varnish to your nails so that the tea bag is imperceptible. To avoid further weakening the nail and enlarging the flaw, take care to maintain it with a file and always move in one direction only.

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