The semi-permanent varnish for natural and careful nails

Do you want a pretty manicure, but you don’t like fake nails? For neat and discreet nails, think no more. This is the semi-permanent nail polish you need. Why choose semi-permanent nail polish to have naturally beautiful nails? Our Maryton will tell you everything.

The ideal manicure for natural nails

Semi-permanent varnish, a gel varnish that contains pigments, which is the perfect manicure to keep nails neat and natural. Indeed, you can absolutely opt for nude and very chic shades. In addition, your nails are filed beforehand and do not necessarily have to be long. Square shaped nails are very trendy.

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Everyday semi-permanent nail polish

Semi-permanent varnish has many advantages. First, semi-permanent varnish can lose some of its shine after 2 or even 3 weeks. However, it is easy to give it a glossy side by applying a simple top coat varnish. You can choose a mix and match style gradient, but with light or warm tones. Otherwise, the baby-boomer type French manicure allows you to sport a current.

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Damaged nails, can I put on semi-permanent nail polish?

The semi-permanent varnish is dried under a U.V or LED lamp. Therefore, provided it is properly laid, it hardens through a catalysis reaction. It then offers the best protection to your nails. Properly applied, it will protect them and allow them to solidify, thus preventing them from breaking or splitting. However, we recommend that you treat your nails beforehand if they are brittle, soft or fragile.

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