What advice should you give to customers to take care of their nails at home?

Anyone can accidentally tear their fingernail off. Very painful, a torn nail must be repaired and protected as soon as possible in order to avoid infections or more serious problems. As a supplier of nail wholesale, we will give you some useful ideas about how to take care of your nails at home.

Repairing and protecting a torn nail: what to do at home?

If their nail is bleeding, the bleeding should be stopped:

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  • Run your finger and nail under water to see the wound as clearly as possible;
  • Apply a compress or clean cloth to the wound;
  • Disinfect the torn nail.

Then, you have to cut the free edge carefully. The person should make sure to disinfect their pair of nail scissors or nail clippers to avoid contaminating the wound with bacteria. Once the nail has been rinsed, disinfected and cut, your client must contact you to make an appointment for a nail repair. The person can apply a piece of cloth or compress to the breach in the nail, then add tape around it.

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Treat bitten nails

If your client has bitten nails, advise them to get a bitter-tasting nail polish. The purpose of this nail polish is to prevent the person from biting their nails. Using an emollient that everyone has at home, such as petroleum jelly or shea butter, advise her to push back her cuticles. It is always preferable to perform this gesture with extreme gentleness and after a warm bath. Every evening, apply a little oil to nourish the cuticle. Finally, a nice manicure can make him stop the urge to bite his nails. Offer him a pose of semi-permanent varnish or even a pose of false gel nails.

OK! Now you have known the things about the torn nail care, bring your manicure set and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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