Which vitamins to take care of your nails?

Streaks or stains preventing you from doing your favorite manicure? It could be a simple vitamin deficiency. Indeed, the health and appearance of your nails essentially depend on your diet and its vitamin intake. Balanced and varied meals will therefore help you improve the appearance of your nails.

Vitamin C: the beauty vitamin par excellence

This vitamin leads to the synthesis of collagen and has recognized antioxidant properties. Combined with iron intake, which it promotes absorption, vitamin C can also help you restore strength and vitality to slightly tired nails. Prefer red fruits and citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts or kiwis to ensure a sufficient intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin B8: an essential nutrient for pretty nails

Vitamin B8, also known as vitamin H or biotin. It is directly involved in the regeneration of the skin, hair and nails. A regular intake of vitamin B8 can therefore allow you to take care of your nails in a natural way. For this, consume in priority: liver, eggs, avocados, salmon or even raspberries!

Vitamin B12: a special vitamin for nails

Responsible for the renewal of keratin, vitamin B12 is a protein found in the composition of hair and nails. To increase your vitamin B12 intake, you will need to include meats, eggs and dairy products in your diet.

Zinc, magnesium: essential minerals for your nails

Zinc is involved in the metabolism of proteins. It is therefore essential to ensure a sufficient intake of zinc to find pretty nails. Enrich your diet with meat, oysters or even wholemeal bread. Magnesium can help you strengthen your nails. Choose foods such as almonds and peanuts, whole grains or legumes for sufficient magnesium intake!

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