Caring for your feet – 5 tips

The feet are the lower organs of our body allowing the upright posture and helping us to walk. It is therefore obvious that they deserve our full attention. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you 5 tips for taking care of your feet.

Here are 5 valuable tips for taking care of your feet.

1. Adopt good foot hygiene

It is important to wash your feet daily to keep them healthy. After washing, dry your feet thoroughly, insisting between the toes. Hydrate your feet by applying moisturizer or essential oil. Limit the perspiration of your feet by ventilating them. You can also use an antiperspirant like talcum powder.

2. Choose suitable shoes

Avoid those that are too tight, as they promote ingrown toenails and pain. Choose well-ventilated shoes to allow your toes to move properly. In addition, choosing the right size shoes allows you to avoid pain, injuries and sweating.

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3. Be sure to remove calluses

It can be very uncomfortable to have your feet covered in calluses. Also, calluses can cause small cracks on the surface of the feet, which can be very painful. The best way to remove them is to rub the feet with a pumice stone or a file. However, avoid rubbing too hard so as not to tear the skin of your feet.

4. Dont take infections lightly

As soon as you identify the signs of a fungal infection, treat your feet quickly to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body. For treatment, consult a podiatrist.

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5. Opt for scrubs and foot baths

Exfoliation removes dead skin and softens the surface of the feet. The ideal time to exfoliate is after bathing. This is when the skin of the feet is more supple. The ideal is to exfoliate once a week.

The bath as for him allows the relaxation of the feet. Add baking soda or sea salt to warm water. Soak your feet in it for about 15 minutes. For a purifying effect, you can also add an essential oil or lemon juice. Take a foot bath once or twice a month.

In general, you should take care of your feet by adopting good hygiene, opting for suitable shoes and socks and doing softening and relaxing treatments. Not taking infections lightly is also important. In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete pedicure kit!

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