Tips for highlighting short nails

“Short nails” doesn’t mean ugly nails! It is quite possible to have beautiful short nails. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you some tips that will allow you to highlight your short nails.

How to have beautiful short nails?

A manicure is a must

Even if the nails are short, they need to be taken care of and maintained. First of all, you have to cut them properly with a nail clipper, clean them and file them. Then you have to get rid of the cuticles with a wooden stick. Finally moisturize your hands and nails so that they are healthier and prettier.

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Put on nail polish

You have to choose the color of your nail polish according to your style, but especially according to your skin tone. With fair skin, opt for a dark or flashy color. On the other hand, for dark skin, bright colors such as orange or shiny pink would give a very beautiful result.

Choose the right shape for your nails

Nail shape can make your nails look shorter or longer. For example, totally round nails make the nail appear short, while the square shape with rounded corners or even oval give an impression of length.

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Dare nail art

Nail Art meant, at the base, the fact of drawing shapes and patterns on the nail using several colors or even stickers and jewels. Although short, your nails will attract attention with a Fun and Trendy manicure.

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