The new trend of Press-On Nails

Do you like having your nails done, but you can’t always find the time to visit your nail technician? Don’t panic! Press-On Nails are here, and they come in all possible shapes, lengths, and patterns. Keep reading!

What are Press-On Nails?

Press-On Nails are acrylic resin capsules that can be applied to your nails in just a few minutes, yet leaving you with a very good quality manicure. These capsules come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and even budgets!

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
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Applying Press On nails

To apply your capsules using false nail glue, you will need to follow these instructions:

1) Begin by washing your hands and nails with soap and water to ensure a clean base for your Press-On. Make sure your natural nails are kept short to ensure a better pose.

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Quality Double Sided Half Moon Shape Nail Files Mani Tools
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2) After your nails are dry, choose your nail size for each nail. Feel free to file the sides of the Press-On to conform to your cuticles if needed.

3) Put a drop of glue on your nail, then spread the glue all over your nail before pressing the nail for 10-20 seconds. The bottom of each capsule should be flush with your cuticles.

4) Now repeat for each of your nails!

We hope you liked this article and that it will inspire you for future. In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your nails in daily life.

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