For a successful hand beautification

In order for the manicure to be successful, a few essential steps should be followed. Whether you want to go to a beauty professional or choose to do the manicure at home, the first step is to cut your nails. For this, the most practical tool remains the nail clippers.

The nails should then be filed and polished neatly. This step helps soften the surface so it looks shiny. The buffing block is an essential accessory to achieve this. Next comes the step of pushing back the cuticles.

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The most anticipated step during the manicure is the application of the varnish. In addition to the traditional single-tint varnish, there are other treatments. You can, for example, turn to the French manicure which consists of applying white varnish on the front of each nail.

The baby boomer is also a popular treatment that helps to be totally in tune with the times. The application of false nails is also a practice that has been in trend for some time. The application of semi-permanent nail polish is a practice that attracts more and more pretty women. This solution has the advantage of being less abrasive compared to conventional varnishes.

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