Organic semi-permanent varnish, what precautions to take?

The organic semi-permanent varnish guarantees a star manicure, a shiny and nickel varnish for 14 long days. By taking a few precautions, it is completely harmless. Do you know what precautions to take with organic semi-permanent varnishes? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you. Let’s go around!

The first, and most important, is to take regular breaks between two nail polish applications, even if only for ten days. During the break, it is strongly recommended to nourish and moisturize the nails and take care of them.

Keep in mind that semi-permanent varnish, even organic, dries out the nails. Without care, they will become sensitive and very soft. You could opt for the application of a vegetable oil every evening during the break period. A nail mask would do just as well.

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In any case, don’t chain more than 3 successive sessions of organic permanent varnish. Apart from that, it is essential to take the time to remove the organic semi-permanent varnish when removing it. Last but not least, if your nails are fragile, brittle, soft, split or damaged, it is not advisable to apply semi-permanent varnish, even in its organic version.

OK! You have know the precautions to take with organic semi-permanent varnishes! In addition, you also need a gentle manicure kit to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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