Dry and damaged hands in winter: how to fix them?

Like the lips, the hands are particularly sensitive to the cold. If they are not preserved, sometimes painful cracks can appear. How to take care of them to keep handcuffs very soft all winter long? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you answers.

The cold, but not only!

Dry hands are caused, in winter, by the cold and the skin becomes less supple. But the cold is not the only culprit: too frequent hand washing and moreover with aggressive products can weaken the hands.

A moisturizing program just for them

These hand creams repair, nourish, offer an antibacterial and sanitizing action while forming a waterproof and protective veil. To reinforce the process, a generous layer of cream is applied to the hands before going to bed, wrapping them in a cotton glove.

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Measures to protect your hands:

  • As for the lips and the face, a scrub will eliminate small dead skin.
  • Avoid washing your hands with water that is too cold or too hot.
  • When you want to disinfect your hands, remember to choose a particularly mild solvent.
  • Wear gloves every time you go out.
  • Dry your hands by dabbing them.
  • If your hands remain damaged or are affected by a particular problem: consult a dermatologist.

Of course, it’s better to take care of your hand even before any signs appear. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your hand!

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