Semi-permanent manicure in summer: yes or no?

To keep our nails looking perfect without having to constantly decorate them, opt for a semi-permanent manicure. But is semi-permanent manicure suitable for summer? In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you.

The semi-permanent manicure (and pedicure) is incredibly convenient and comfortable. It lasts about 3 weeks and has unparalleled shine. If you want to enjoy your vacation and have perfect hands without worrying, this is undoubtedly the ideal option.

However, the sun, heat, sea salt or chlorine from swimming pools are not exactly great allies of this type of nail polish. But you can defend yourself against it by professional recommendations. This will prevent your manicure from chipping or cracking.

Finally, say yes to the semi-permanent manicure. Visit our online store to get the best manicure sets on the market at unbeatable prices. Having perfect nails has never been easier.

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