How to choose your nail technician?

Also called a nail stylist, the nail technician is an expert in beautifying the hands. This magnificent job requires a lot of dexterity, practice and passion! Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to choose your nail technician!

1 Proximity

The radius of activity is often one of the first criteria for choosing a beauty salon or a nail technician. Thanks to social networks, you can easily find a nail technician near you.

2 Word of mouth

Proximity is not just a matter of geographical area, recommendations commonly called “word of mouth” between clients are frequent when the work is of high quality.

3 Quality products that meet standards

Be aware that more and more nail technicians are deciding to use professional manicure sets that meets European standards.

4 Hygiene

Any criterion that will make you choose your nail technician, hygiene must be at the rendezvous: his organization and his workstation must be at the top!

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas!

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