The different effects to be created with pigments

There are several factors that come into play when using nail pigments. To make your nails more beautiful, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain everything to you in this article. Just keep reading!

Know that the darker the color of your varnish, the more the chrome effect will be accentuated. If you want to obtain a more “iridescent” or “glittery” effect, we advise you to use clear varnish, such as white or pale pink.

In the same way, the more you rub the powder on the nail, the more the mirror effect will be present. Finally, the drying time of the base coat applied after the varnish is very important. The drier the material, the more the effect will be chrome.

You now know how to apply the mirror effect on the nails, which will allow you to achieve stunning and unforgettable nail art! It is also possible to find a nail technician near you to benefit from a professional service.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails!

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