Mismatched nails, this is the manicure trend of the moment

We knew the technique of wearing mismatched socks, now we apply this trend on our sober or colored nails mismatched nails. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

Every woman has faced the tough decision of choosing which nail polish to wear. Currently you are lucky, we have your solution, the mismatched nails consists in choosing several shades of the same color or several colors that you want to associate. This technique allows you to give free rein to the imagination and to opt for less classic choices.

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Mismatched nails comes in 3 forms:

1 – Shades of colors with shades close to blues, grays, pinks or pastel colors.

2 – Completely different colors for a funnier and more colorful spirit.

3 – Different textures with, for example, glitter.

In addition to different shades or instead of them, mismatched nails can also be done with different textures, like French manicure nails, other iridescent nails and a glitter look!

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