Japanese manicure: the new treatment for beautiful and healthy nails

The new obsession of the moment? The Japanese manicure, a care that promotes the natural. Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain the new treatment for beautiful and healthy nails!

How is a Japanese manicure performed?

As you will have understood, the Japanese manicure takes place in several stages like layering for the face. It begins as a classic manicure and then several specific treatments are provided.

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  • The treatment begins with a classic manicure, namely, in order: elimination of all traces of varnish using a nail polish remover, cutting the nails then shaping with a file to give the desired size and shape.
  • It is necessary to start with the roughest face of the tool in order to eliminate all the dead skin. Then smooth the surface and dilate the scales to allow them to accommodate the skincare products as well as possible.
  • The nails are soaked in pure soapy water to eliminate all residues at the base of the nail which prevents it from growing serenely.
  • Apply a paste based on nourishing active ingredients such as beeswax or jojoba, on each of the nails which are rubbed in using the smoother side of the polisher or the fingertips.
  • Finally comes the application of a specific fine powder based on vitamins, tea, seaweed, bamboo, jojoba, beeswax and minerals from the Sea of Japan.

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