My tips to take good care of your nails!

Let’s apply this beauty ritual to keep nails flawless

When we have traces of nail polish, we must avoid leaving them as they are. It’s very ugly. Let’s get into the habit of cleaning the nails with an acetone-free remover.

After applying a solvent, let’s not forget to rinse each hand right away. Indeed, if we wait too long, we risk ending up with dried nails.

In warm soapy water, remember to dip your hands for several minutes. Let’s make sure to remove the dead skin that is around the nails.

When the hands are dry, it is safer to make a nourishing bath to strengthen the keratin. I advise you to make a bath of warm oil to nourish the skin.

After bathing, let’s move on to the elimination of streaks. The latter is done with the help of a polisher. This tool makes the nails shine.

Next, let’s take the nail file. It will be used to file the nails from the side to the center. Let us always keep the same meaning when making this manipulation. This prevents us from duplicating the nails.

To soften the nails and fingers, let’s apply moisturizer to these areas. Then, massage them.

After this small gesture of beauty, we can apply colored nail polish on the nails. Before doing so, however, let’s not forget to put a protective base. This prevents the nails from staining.

Let’s not skimp on the means to heal our nails

Our nails are fragile. They can break easily. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are always made of concrete.

I do not advise you to have too long nails. Indeed, at a certain length, they can break with water or other things. I encourage you to square them quite short. Every evening, do not hesitate to massage the nails a little with a fortifying nail cream.

If the nails are soft, we must use a hardening or failing fortifying care. Nails that break are cared for with hardening care. While nails with streaks need an anti-streak base.

Let’s avoid biting the nails, they may be in poor condition. In order not to get into the habit of biting nails, I invite you to try a special varnish with a bitter taste. The latter will make you want not to start eating nails again.

Let’s also consume a healthy, balanced diet and enough so that our nails are steel. If they ever weaken, we can make a cure of brewer’s yeast or adjust our diet by consuming seafood, fish and soy.

Let’s also not neglect our cuticles, these pieces of skin protecting the base of the nail. These cuticles tend to be removed easily. I therefore advise you to repel them by using a cuticle repellent. In the absence of this tool, a cotton swab will do.

Let’s beautify our nails with varnish. It is not mandatory, but it gives aesthetics to our nails. To prevent the nail from turning yellow, let’s take care to apply a base before varnishing your nails. A whitening treatment also reduces yellowing.

Finally, let’s avoid cleaning without a glove. Whatever we do (dishes, car washing), let’s wear gloves!

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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