How to make a Baby Boomer?

What is the Baby boomer? How is a Baby boomer made? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you what the Baby Boomer is and how to make a Baby Boomer.

The Baby Boomer on the nails, what is it?

The Baby Boomer is similar to the French manicure, but it is softer. In practice, this consists of putting white varnish on the free edge of the nails and flesh-colored or even pink varnish on the nail plate. It is then necessary to create a gradient which will therefore go from white to pale pink. The goal is to perfectly blend the two to obtain a natural and discreet, but very refined result. A top coat will be used as the last layer to make it more shiny.

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How do you make a Baby Boomer?

It is strongly advised to call on a nail technician to make the Baby Boomer. In all cases, she applies a first base coat. With a sponge or a brush, each nail stylist uses their own technique. She starts with a transparent base, then puts on nude or pink nail polish. She takes a quantity of white varnish using a sponge and dabs from the free edge of the nail up to about three quarters of the nails. It ends with a layer of protection.

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