Sweater nails, the cozy winter manicure

Have you ever heard of a sweater manicure? This new fashion in manicure is inspired by our most beautiful sweaters to dress our nails in a rather original way. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you everything about the sweater nails.

To reproduce the patterns of your favorite winter sweater, you have two options: either you are rather good with your hands, and you are able to reproduce the pattern by hand, using a small brush, a lot of meticulousness and a lot of patience. And in this case, the solution is called stamping.

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The principle is simple: all you have to do is apply your base color, then use a stamp to reproduce the pattern on your nails! This allows you to obtain a uniform result on each of your nails. If you don’t want a winter pattern, you can instead choose to imitate the stitches of a knit on your fingernails.

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