Compare Xiaomi Redmi AirDots vs Pamu Slide

Compare Xiaomi Redmi AirDots vs Pamu Slide

The Redmi AirDots and PaMu Slide are two different-looking truly wireless headphones with a similar proposition. At similar prices, both have interesting specs, and promise good sound quality. In addition, the headphones are Google Assistant compatible and come with a carrying case that can also charge the earbuds battery, like other products in the segment.

Both devices arrive to compete directly with Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. The Xiaomi model is for sale in Brazil through import websites, and appears with an average price of $ 200. PaMu Slide beat the target of crowdfunding in Indiegogo, leaving $ 69, about $ 277 in direct conversion, without taxes.


Regarding the design, the PaMu Slide contains stems similar to the Apple headset. Compact and modern, the Padmate device promises a perfect fit in the user’s ear, which should be interesting when it comes to physical activity and sports. The device weighs about 14 grams and is sold in three colors: black, white and green.

PaMu Slide: Wireless Headphones Has Low Price But Lasts up to 60 Hours Battery

With Redmi AirDots, the situation is different. Its design is similar to that of JBL Free X, and the headset looks like a simple, barely noticeable electronic dot in the ear. In addition, being in-ear, the product also promises a good fit in the user’s ear, which should provide good sound quality and little external noise.

Sound quality

Regarding the sound quality, the Xiaomi handset should be able to offer good audio quality as well as a very high volume due to the 7.2mm drivers. The headphones also feature technologies that enhance playback and eliminate external noise, which should mean a better experience in very noisy environments.

With few specifications released by the brand, the PaMu Slide promises superior sound quality over Apple’s bass, midrange and treble headphones. The company also says that the product brings greater sound clarity and broader reduction of external noise.

Extra features and battery

An important point where the Xiaomi headset has a certain disadvantage is the battery. According to the manufacturer, the PaMu Slide has up to ten hours of playback time on a single charge, not to mention the storage of the case that can increase the autonomy to 60 hours of music. The handset also has IPX6 certification, which guarantees water resistance.

Already the Redmi AirDots, has autonomy for four hours of playback. The case, which works as an external battery, extends this time with an additional 12 hours of use. The Xiaomi headset also supports Apple’s Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants.


The Xiaomi model is for sale with an average price of $ 200. PaMu Slide is available on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for $ 69.

Thus, both are much more affordable options compared to their direct competitors, AirPods, for example, are officially priced at $ 1,349, while Galaxy Buds costs $ 849 at the brand’s online store. Other rivals, such as the JBL Free X, for example, appears for $ 759, which is still above the options of Xiaomi and Padmate.

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