PaMu Slide Earphones That Has A Long Playing Time

PaMu Slide Earphones That Has A Long Playing Time

These title headphones with a strange sounding name have become a real hit on the Indiegogo platform . Millions of greens probably surprised not only the supporters, but also those who designed the headphones. I will write even more. The surprise was so great that even a few well-known NBA basketball players – probably for a completely unbelievable mountain of money – took it in their hands and said a bit what they think about them. And what do I think about PaM Slide, an ordinary and modest blogger? Quite honestly and without a purse with coins? You will find out in this review.

I honestly admit that I did not approach these headphones with such excitement as the first American from the bank during the premiere of each iPhone. I did not follow the collection, but I knew that such headphones exist, although I learned about cooperation with basketball players just before starting to read this text. Whatever the case, I’m glad that I can finally check for myself what the Padmate PaMu Slide Earbuds can do. As it turned out, they have a lot of good, but there were a few things that are not entirely thought out.

Unlike previous tests – I’ll start with the kit. Why? Because there is something to write about. I have not had so nicely packed and well-equipped headphones, even if they cost more. There is a short USB-C charging cable and a much richer set of silicone covers than usual. Together with those already established on Slide’ach we have six sets. There is also a nice and non-smelling wet pigeon pouch, but in his case the first scratch appears, because it is too small to fit a box with headphones. Apparently this is only a bag for headphones only.

PaMu Slide Earphones That Has A Long Playing Time

PaMu Slide do not have a classic shape, but if I had to point it out closer to AirPods than to, for example, Elite 65t from Jabra. Unlike those from Apple, they are in-ear headphones. Similarly, they stick out of the ears, but have a slightly larger, less streamlined and appear to be thicker structure. They do not protrude too much from the turbinate and you can even say that they are comfortable, because even after a long session they do not squeeze and do not cause discomfort. Unfortunately – and here another screech – failed my author’s “incidence” test. I didn’t really shake the whole lapette particularly well, and one handset fell out of the ear after … three seconds. Three each. The simulation of the run was a bit better because PaMu Slide “gave up” after about 15 seconds. After all, I would be afraid to run with them, except for extremely short distances … from room to bathroom.

Some may be fooled by the color, because in fact the headphones are not black, but purple-graphite. When using, be careful of the rubber cap on the body. He likes to get dirty and collects dust like a magnet (such as dust), but can also slide off the housing. There are no spare ones.

The headphones sit in a rather fancy box and you need to pay more attention to him. There are several reasons to like them and a few to shake your nose a bit. PaMu Slide stay inside like a horny teenager of her friend’s boobs at the Mielno colonies. The holes are magnetic, so the headphones pop into place every time as they should. It is also not difficult to pick them out as well. An additional protection is an opening lid, which – for a third time – when opening and closing draws the headphones in the most protruding places. This mainly occurs when opening the box, because while sliding the lid we have to press it a little bit. It is a pity, because it obviously looks like a structural defect.

PaMu Slide inserted into the case will immediately load, but you need to remove it to pair with the device. The connection is super fast and simple, it works like other headphones of this type. Just remove the headphones, search for them in Bluetooth options and connect.

PaMu Slide Earphones That Has A Long Playing Time

You may not see it at first glance, but the Slide headphones in the upper part (above the diode) have touch control places. They are on both plays. With stubborn maniac I will write that I am a fan of physical buttons, especially in such small structures, because they are simply more convenient and reliable. I admit that in the tested model the buttons worked surprisingly well, but in my opinion the place of touch is too small. Headphones can be swallowed once, twice or longer by holding a finger on a button. I noticed that it takes about 2-3 seconds to touch before the music stops, which should work faster. You can also start the voice assistant – here you double tap the left handset. There is also a volume change and skipping to the next song, but there is no option to switch to the previous one anymore.

PaMu Slide Earphones That Has A Long Playing Time

I admit that I was very worried about how the headphones from the company will play, which until recently I had no idea. I thought they focused on everything but sound, throwing huge amounts of money on marketing. It turns out that I was wrong, at least when it comes to sound quality. The PaMu Slide sound surprisingly well, clean and detailed. The stage may not be too wide, and the low tones are gentle and a bit withdrawn, but I can easily say that these are one of the best sounding wireless headphones I’ve recently had in my ears. I miss a bit more “meaty” bass, but on the other hand, I’m glad that the headphones support aptX codec and have Bluetooth 5.0. Often, more expensive models do not have this. I also have the impression that for some people the headphones may be too quiet.

The case has a 2000 mAh battery, which allows you to recharge the headphones several times. According to the manufacturer, it will be up to 60 hours in total if we collect fully charged headphones and what they can “get” from the box. I plugged the case into the power supply right after the first out of the box and throughout the tests I did not even think about reconnecting. And it’s been three weeks since then. I didn’t use headphones particularly passionately, but it was quiet for hours. Anyway, it is difficult to check it reliably, because every time I put the headphones into the box and they recharged.

PaMu Slide: Wireless Headphones Has Low Price But Lasts up to 60 Hours Battery

Yes, you read the above sentence well. The case has been equipped with the Qi wireless charging function. Just flip the case over and place a compatible device on it to recharge it. Well, it recharged, in extremely emergency situations. Let me remind you that there is 2000 mAh – “up” for headphones, because it is enough for 5-6 charging cycles, but “only” for smartphones. Oh, rather a curiosity than something that we will often use.

PaMu Slide headphones are one of those products that you think about before the test: “Ok, this is just another headphones, if you have to check, you need to”, and after a review, or even in progress, you change your mind and say: “Oh damn! But that’s good! ” And so it was in this case. I checked and despite the lack of initial enthusiasm, I liked them now. In several ways, Slides surprised me. They run on batteries for a long time and play very nicely – and this type of headphones probably counts the most. As I mentioned, they lack a bit of “warmth”, but they make up for it with support for aptX.

It is a pity only a few stupid solutions like problems with drawing the headphones when opening the case or not holding them well in the ears. If it had improved, the headphones would have been much better.

But, recently, the new PaMu headphones versions PaMu Slide Mini had launched, it is a update and mini version of PaMu Slide, the team updated the inadequacy of the previous PaMu, smaller but still powerful.

Where to buy?

And here the question arises, which is difficult to find an answer. Price comparison websites do not show much, and where the headphones used to be, now they are gone. No less, perhaps the most reasonable place is the manufacturer’s website –

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