PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headset with Qualcomm Chip QCC3020

PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headset with Qualcomm Chip QCC3020

Since the first TWS headset Apple AirePods launched in 2016, with the upgrading of Bluetooth technology and Qualcomm’s TWS Bluetooth solution increasingly mature, true wireless headsets have begun a new round of break out, with endless products and an increasingly better experience, one of them is Padmate’s PaMu Earbuds.

PaMu Earbuds are popular on global, the leatest series PaMu Slide with a crowdfunding amount of 6.59 million USD and over 82,000 supporters, broke the 4 crowdfunding records on Indiegogo. And it really surprised me when I did a review with PaMu Slide before. Then, what is the difference between the PaMu Slide Mini and PaMu Slide? Let’s see it together!

Highlights of Design

The packaging of PaMu Slide Mini follows a fresh and simple style. The packaging box is marked with Qualcomm and Bluetooth technical support information. The product icon is printed in the center. The product name “PaMu Slide Mini” and the brand “PaMu” are displayed on the top.

PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headset with Qualcomm Chip QCC3020

The package includes a charging box, 6 pairs of different sizes ear tips and a Type-C charging cable and others. The PaMu Slide Mini charging case supports wireless charging, which can be charged by standard QI wireless charging devices. It need to mention that the PaMu Slide can provide wireless charging for PaMu Slide Mini. PaMu Slide Mini charging case is relatively small, easy to carry, matte frosted surface. The charging case has a built-in 400mAh battery, which can fully charge the headset twice. On the front of the charging box, there are 4 LED power indicators below.

PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headset with Qualcomm Chip QCC3020

The PaMu Slide Mini body uses a large number of curved designs, a drop-shaped cavity, and a waist handle, elegant and agile, the excellent manufacturing process brings IPX6 waterproof support. PaMu Slide Mini water drop earplugs are patented (patent number -zl201830083782.9), which can achieve the maximum fit with the ear canal and minimize the pressure on the ear canal. The contour simulates the ear canal of a human ear, the circumference is uniformly stressed, and the upper part of the earplug is designed to prevent detachment, which can maintain tension during loosening. High-quality eartips not only provide excellent wearing comfort, but also have good noise isolation effects, reducing the interference of external noise on the sound quality of the headset.

Practical experience: sound sense, stable connection

PaMu Slide Mini is equipped with Qualcomm chip-QCC3020 and supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The first improvement is the endurance of the headset.

Consistent with PaMu Slide, the Mini version also achieves a single 10-hour battery life. With the use of the charging box (supported by 2 charges), it can achieve an ultra-long battery life of 30 hours. According to the daily use time of 2-3 hours per day, a full charge can even keep the PaMu Slide Mini for half a month. Although it can not reach the amazing 60 hours like PaMu Slide, but in exchange for the smaller size of the battery box, it is still the highest level of battery life in true wireless headphones.

More importantly, Qualcomm chip-QCC3020 brings higher quality codec technology apt-X support. With higher bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 technology, PaMu Slide Mini can output CD-level sound quality. At the same time, wireless signal transmission is more efficient and stable, and the delay is greatly reduced. The official measurement of 1K distortion is <0.2%, which is comparable to the Hi-End level based on parameters.

PaMu Slide Mini is equipped with carefully adjusted LDS antenna technology, which can effectively stabilize the signal and shield interference, and maintain a stable connection in various environments. LDS antenna technology is the direct laser forming technology. The antenna is stable, consistent and accurate. LDS antenna applied to TWS Bluetooth headset will have higher radiation efficiency, improve the connection stability of TWS headset, and ensure normal use in places with harsh electronic environments such as buses, subways, and train stations.


As a TWS headset, PaMu Slide Mini has outstanding performance in many aspects.

The battery life is good. The headset can be used for 30 hours with the charging box. It supports dual microphone intelligent call noise reduction, and can achieve high-quality calls in noisy environments. The signal transmission is stable and efficient, with sound quality and rich details. The design is exquisite and stylish. Simple, fresh colors and beautiful appearance.

At the price of $69, PaMu Slide Mini is a recommended high-quality TWS headset with a very attractive price-performance ratio.

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