What to do when a false nail is ripped off?

What to do when a false nail is torn off to limit the damage? This is what I suggest you discover now. Let’s go with the advice of your favorite nail beauty brand: Maryton of course!

Best solution when a fake nail peels off

When you notice that one of your false nails has torn off, we advise you to make sure that your natural nail has not gone with it… If this is the case: protect your natural nail and go to the doctor to put on a suture. If by chance only gel nail is damaged then stop everything! You are now going to take care of your nail in question, before calling on a nail technician to remove it.

Double Sides Zebra Manicure Nail Tool Professional Regular Plastic Nail File

1 – Filing of the broken nail

you will have to file with a nail file like this the edges of the nail in order to avoid snagging anything and everything with your broken nail. Don’t use nail clippers, which are too aggressive in this type of situation.

2 – Protect the surface of the nail

Then we advise you to protect the surface of the nail. Apply a base coat varnish to your visible nail and the rest of the false nail. It strengthens your natural nail and prevents additional breakage.

3 – Carry out a removal in an institute

For this, the practitioner will file the catalyzed gel with a nail file. She can come and remove complete pieces of gel nails with pliers if they come on their own. Otherwise, removal is done with a manual file.

You have therefore understood, in the event of a torn false nail, there are only a few solutions. Take care by yourself with the manicure set, then make a removal in an institute. To find out how to take care of your nails on a daily basis, click here.

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