What manicures to adopt in spring 2022?

Spring is a season that delights us and revives our light mood, it acts the same way on our manicure desires. So, which manicures to adopt in the spring of 2022? The Maryton nail supply can give you some clues in the following article. You will know everything below!

The mix of pink and blue

Now here is a manicure idea that allows you to combine pink and blue, the two essential shades of spring. The shapes you can make are many and varied: it’s up to you to choose what suits you according to the techniques. To combine pink and blue, we advise you to paint all of your nails with a brush with one of the two colored gels, then to contrast by applying the second, symmetrically or not, to the bottom of your nails.

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Flowery nails

If you are not a nail art pro, the easiest technique to make your nails flowery is certainly to opt for stickers. In addition, the choice is vast in style and color. Easy to apply, your stickers can be placed on a previously colored base or not. It will then be enough to cover them with a transparent gel top coat and let dry so that the whole thing is durable over time.

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A spring French manicure

Speaking of French manicure, here is a spring version to test imperatively. The tips of your nails will no longer just be painted white, but decorated with small patterns representing spring: flowers, animal prints, abstract shapes, anything is possible! In terms of colors, we advise you to choose bright shades that will contrast with the natural look of the rest of your painted nails.

You now know which manicures to adopt in spring 2022, take into action quickly. As instruments to the manicure, we offer you lots of manicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.


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