3 Gel Nail Mistakes You Should Avoid

Using gel nails gives you a flawless manicure appearance at all times. And it is that they are durable. But, keep in mind that incorrect application will not only affect the aesthetics of the manicure, but also the well-being of the natural nail.

Gel nails: what mistakes should you avoid?

There are many mistakes spoil the ideal integrity of the manicure. Let’s see what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

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Using poor quality products

Both the gel and all the products and instruments used for any type of manicure must meet quality standards. This point will help to achieve the expected results. Our Maryton have been committed to providing you with quality professional manicure sets and believe you will not be disappointed.

Not taking care of the cuticles

When applying gel nails, you can’t moisten or apply cream to the cuticle area; Because this area is worked dry. In addition, it is essential to push them back with a wooden stick.

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Not cleaning the gel brush

To get the best results, it is recommended to constantly clean the gel brush, before you start and during the process. In addition, this detail prevents the formation of bubbles and the treatment is carried out without any inconvenience.

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