How to maintain your electric nail drill?

Electric nail drill is a precision instrument that has appeared in recent years. A good precision instrument is often not cheap and is essential to the maintenance of the nail drill. The following articles will teach you how to maintain an electric nail drill.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Make sure to dry all parts

Be sure to dry and sanitize each part before use. They must be completely dry before being replaced.

  • Use a fine cloth or toothbrush to clean dust and debris from small crevices
  • Hold your device carefully and steadily without bending the handle

Keep track of the tilt angle of the drill cord.

Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM
Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM
  • Don’t use lubricants on your drill

Typically, nail drills are built with self-lubricating bearings. Extra oil can generate too much heat, which can wear out the machine and cause it to overheat.

  • Always be sure to unplug the electric file before cleaning it

Try to put all your file parts in their separate container so they don’t touch other dirty objects.

  • Don’t let strangers touch your nail drill

Including your family, husband, children, and non-technical employees in the salon, because their curiosity and irregular operations are likely to damage the machine.

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