What is a base coat used for in manicure?

The base coat is an essential element of any successful manicure. If you are wondering “what is base coat?” or “why wear a base coat? “, this article is made for you. The expert nail supplier will detail how it’s used and answer other frequently asked questions about manicures and base coats.

What is a nail polish base?

The base coat, or nail polish base, is a protective layer, generally transparent or lightly tinted, which is applied directly to the nail before the colored varnish. It serves to protect the nails from external aggressions and to hide small defects while providing a smooth surface for uniform application of the varnish. In addition, using the base coat strengthens the nail and thus prevents breakage.

Is the base coat essential?

The answer is a resounding “yes”. Although some might think to skip this step, the base coat is essential. It prevents discoloration, strengthens the nail and guarantees better varnish hold. Adding the base coat to your manicure routine only takes a few extra minutes, but the benefits it provides last much longer.

Do you have to catalyze the base coat?

When using semi-permanent polish, curing is essential. Indeed, it is advisable to catalyze the base coat under a UV or LED lamp to optimize its durability and adhesion, but also to reduce the risk of chipping. For removal, acetone will be your best ally so as not to damage the nails. Then, light sanding can be done to make the nails perfectly smooth.

As a nail technician, understanding the importance of using base coat is crucial. These products not only provide protection, but also an impeccable and long-lasting finish. In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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