Nail polish colors to add pep to winter

If you want to add a little touch of madness to your nails in winter, you can turn to more original tones. They assert your style and do not leave you indifferent! Here are tips from nail supply expert Maryton! Keep reading!

Bright pink

A manicure trend that is emerging at the end of the years: bright pink. So take out your fuchsia nail polish, your neon pink or even your hot pink! It goes wonderfully with sober and classic outfits, because it surprises and brings originality. On top of that, it brightens up your look.

Chrome color

Generally speaking, chrome has a futuristic and glamorous side and can be worn on all nail shapes and lengths. It can bring elegance and originality to your look and brightens up the grayer and colder days of the season.

Gold varnish

Along the same lines, during the holidays and major end-of-year occasions, wear gold or copper. Otherwise, you can simply mix the colors by adding a golden color to two or three nails to add shine.

Brown colors

They catch the eye and add a bold touch to your manicure without going out of style. If you don’t know which brown to go for, try cool brown nail polish. Otherwise try chocolate brown, tobacco brown, hazelnut brown, camel brown up to beige.


Here is a color with character! It is very refined and luxurious. If you dare to go for black polish, make sure you have perfectly maintained nails. Regarding the way to wear it, it highlights mid-length and long nails more.

The Red

Obviously, we couldn’t ignore the eternal, glamorous red, which revives an outfit in more neutral colors in autumn and winter.

Dark blue

Timeless. Blue also goes well from navy blue to midnight blue. It is a classy and versatile color, which gives a bright look to an outfit. It also delivers an impression of depth and mystery.

The purple

Purple nail polish and all its variations up to plum are also great end-of-year classics. Sophisticated color, choose it according to what you think best highlights the color of your skin.

Gray varnish

As neutral as black varnish, it is much easier to wear with other colors and brings a lot of softness if you choose it in very light shades. It is perfect with the burgundy color.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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