Choosing the right nail polish

For the beauty of your nails, you have the choice between a wide range of varnish colors and textures. It is not necessarily easy to find the solution that suits you best, and that is adapted to your style.

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing your nail polish.

In total agreement with your look

As with the rest of your look, the nail polish you choose must be in line with your style, clothes, hair, makeup and fashion accessories. This choice therefore requires a minimum of reflection before rushing to any color of varnish. Everything must be calculated for a successful and harmonious look.

For example, if you like colorful and original clothes, this will also have to be translated into opting for a showy varnish and whose color can be alternated between the different nails to keep that touch of originality that characterizes you. Above all, it is necessary to avoid errors of taste.

The right color

For nail polish, color is the most important element. As we have just mentioned, the color of the varnish must be close to your look and especially to one of your clothes. That is one of the basics.

If you fear more than anything the fault of taste, or if you do not want to change varnish too often according to your look, opt for a transparent varnish. Indeed, it is both discreet and elegant and adapts to all styles. The best is to choose a transparent cream, beige or rosé. The other advantage is that it lasts longer and is easy to install.

A dark colored varnish highlights your hands more than a light color. The main recommended colors are brown, plum or purple. However, it is best suited if you have sustained eye makeup. Similarly, avoid purple or plum varnish with a black outfit, but in this case prefer white or gray clothing. Black varnish is also trendy, but provided you wear it on short, square nails, with a dark outfit, but not brown.

More classic, red nail polish remains very fashionable. It is particularly perfect to go in the evening with its very feminine, chic and seductive side. Generally, it is better to combine it with a lipstick of the same color. Moreover, brands often offer the varnish-lipstick duo that will avoid the fault of taste.


Choosing the right nail polish also involves texture. On a daily basis it is advisable to opt for a matte varnish. Without overdoing it, it allows you to highlight your hands while remaining natural and adapted to the situation.

For evenings and outings, the must is to choose a lacquered nail polish. It adds a sharp touch more feminine and more worked. On the other hand, avoid pearly varnish which is no longer relevant.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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