Grey, the nail polish color to adopt for fall-winter

The 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon may have something to do with it… gray nail polishes have invaded the beauty departments for fall-winter. Good news: they are easy to wear.

Gray varnish, elegance at your fingertips

Far from being synonymous with gloom, gray varnish is easy to wear because it is a neutral and chic color that goes well with all our outfits. In varnish or top coat, you can easily keep it for a week, at work, without risking bad taste. Contrary to popular belief, this varnish does not look gray! Gray is a color that brings out skin colors as can the color apricot.

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Gray varnish, a palette of shades

  • Metallic grays such as silver or pearl gray will bring light and reflections to a manicure.
  • Easier to wear than black varnish, dark grays like anthracite or slate gray are varnishes that give a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • For those who prefer to wear light nail polish, shades such as mouse gray or taupe gray are perfect for a more nude but not banal manicure.

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